Yield Farming “Payday Advance”: No KYC, No Credit Check — Degens Welcome!

3 min readMar 10, 2021

I've just aped into my latest farm courtesy of the builders in #DeFiFrance, and the earnings are sweeter than a glass of Sauternes. Its a good feeling when you have planted seeds into fertile soils, knowing only time separates you from a bounty of organically grown wealth. But in the degenerate world of yield farming there is always something new and flashy begging for your money, and father time can instantly become your foe. Sure enough just a few days after little yield sprouts started appearing in my new venture, a mega farm appears in the wild promising the juiciest of APYs. But what is a farmer supposed to do when all of their capital is already committed? Abandon one farm for another, burning time and money in the meantime? Are you sure that new farm is superior, or is this just another overnight dumper?

Degens always want more

What if I told you there was a way to “payday advance” on yield, so you can degen TODAY without abandoning your fertile fields of tomorrow? No, park the DeLorean my friend as time travel need not apply; I am talking about APWine Finance. First I must say using the term “payday advance” about APWine is like calling a fine vintage ‘old grape juice’, but for the sake of my own simple brain who lives paycheck to paycheck, this is more easily digested when explaining the beauty of the platform. Lets break this down:

You have a job, work for a couple weeks, get a paycheck. But you need money now, not in two weeks. You want a payday loan: Show a pay stub to some lender to prove you have a job and that you receive X amount on a certain schedule. The lender will then give you a percentage of your earnings upfront for a promise to pay a very large fee plus the loaned amount.

Now apply this concept to yield farming without the lender or large fee!
I have a yield bearing token which returns ~70% APY in revenue stream. With a token producing income like a job/paycheck, it can be deposited at APWine Finance and locked for Weekly or Monthly time periods. When the tokens lock, the user is issued Future Yield Tokens (FYT) that represent the value the token is projected to earn during the selected period.

For example when using iFARM from Harvest Finance, and selecting a Month long period, your tokens will lock and the platform issues you a yield “payday advance” for a months worth of production in FYT. You can then sell those FYT tokens for ETH/USDC/… When the month long period ends, you can withdraw or lock your iFARM tokens again.

Using APWine Finance I can stay in my original farm, collecting yield in advance which I then use to yolo into that new farm which caught my eye. And this only scratches the surface at a very basic level. Imagine being able to buy groups or baskets of yield representing multiple platforms all without needing to individually interact and deposit at each. A global marketplace for trading yield…


Futurize your yield,
So you can yolo today;
Degen, my degens

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