Vintage-One (v1): Countdown to Uncorking

4 min readOct 15, 2021


Winemakers! Today is an exciting day here at the vineyard as we are in the last steps of the process to bring our v1 vision of future yield tokenization to our faithful customers. While we are slightly delayed in our initial launch plans, it was for the best as we demand excellence of our end product, and the safety of all users. Now we will begin unveiling what we have been working so hard towards, not just for v1, but as always for the future of yields.

The AMM has since been redesigned from Beta to ensure the best user experience for our users. Benefits such as fundamentally lowering slippage for arbitrage trades, lowering the risk of IL for LPs, and encouraging more liquidity to enter the APWine Ecosystem are part of the updates.

Prior to full v1 deploy we are also rolling out tools like the newly deployed custom interface now available at for interacting with $APW liquidity pools on Cometh or Sushi, where currently 2x SUSHI+APW rewards are being issued to liquidity providers of $APW-$ETH. We will also have an SDK for developers to engage and build with us directly, and for all of this we will have a fresh batch of documentation for users to consume so you are ready on the day of uncorking.

Beyond v1 and into the future we must consider the potential yields that have not even been planted yet, and who those farmers will be. To this effect we are working with some amazing new partners who will make sure not only are we offering a world class product to users today, the enterprise users of tomorrow will also have access to yields spanning multiple blockchains. Some exciting updates on this VERY soon!

We love our Wine-tasters, especially all of those who have been so patient since our Alpha through LBP phase as we craft and mature the protocol for release. To thank all of you who have participated in any phase of the pre-v1 protocol, LBP, or who bought $APW prior to Sept 20th and was still holding on a snapshot taken October 13th 2021, will receive an NFT from a custom series of APWine playing cards. There will be four unique cards in this series, with different rarity for each. Everyone holding at least one of these NFTs will be eligible* for:

- APW brand merchandise lotteries and giveaways
- Special $APW airdrops and event access
- Exclusive Discord channel access with news and alpha leaks
- An exclusive APWine vintage??

And if you are lucky enough to collect all four cards when available, you will unlock a very special bundle built by the team! We will have more info on this NFT series in the lead up to launch, but here is a sneak peak at the first card in the series which all qualified $APW holders outlined above will receive!

The next card in the series will be for all of those who participated in any phase of the pre-v1 protocol, LBP and are in the “Airdrop #1” snapshot.

The Jack of Wines —Holders of $APW and committed to serving the finest vintages

Join Us!
If you are still learning about APWine and future yield tokenization, check out this new short video we put together with our friends at the DeFi Alliance accelerator program which helps us connect with key projects in the DeFi space, receive mentor ship and bootstrap initial liquidity.

AMA with our Developers
Want to know even more? How about an Ask Me Anything session so you can get to know us and the wine making process here at APWine Finance.

More information will be flowing freely, so stay tuned for more details in the coming days and short weeks before Vintage-One is poured for all to taste! 🍷

You can join the wine family today by following us on the following platforms:

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(*Special events or giveaways may have limited access/quantities per event)




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