APWinelisting: Governance and Selecting the finest yields in DeFi

4 min readDec 10, 2021

Dear APWine community, we are thrilled to share a soft introduction for the upcoming governance framework and ongoing proposals that will be deciding the initial creation of pools at launch. Listing of new futures pools will happen through the following cycles: protocols will compete against one another and the community will decide which future pool will be incentivized with liquidity mining rewards. APWine is aiming to establish the most liquid derivative layer for yields and futures within the entire Defi/web3 ecosystem. Its stakeholders will therefore collaborate alongside external communities interested in benefiting from this derivatives market.

Our recent victory in the Tokemak Reactor Vote is a prime example of successful governance mechanics that ultimately result in incentivized liquidity and (upcoming) functionality for everyone involved. That said, we will be following a similar framework to Tokemak for external listings on APWine’s futures pool(s).

On Monday, the 13th of this month, the APWine DAO will bootstrap the most volume possible by cherry-picking from 5 of the highest yielding pools in DeFi. This, in turn, will attract the most amount of yield farmers and users to APWine and promote a healthy, liquid environment for arbitrage, hedging, and leverage of yield on the AMM. APW holders will be able to stake their APWs for a defined amount of time against veAPW (proportional to the amount and duration of lock).

The voting period will last 7 days during which votes can be changed. The first 5 pools with the most votes will be integrated for the first cycle of futures at the release, which we expect to happen a few days after assuming there are no shifts in short-term priorities such as bugs.

It is in the hands of the community to propose integrations. We would love to see the APWine Community reach out to other projects and invite them to get listed on APWine. This is a first step in the long-term vision of providing permissionless yield primitives to the entire DeFi ecosystem and more. Defi is rapidly expanding across multiple chains and the APWine protocol will progressively follow market demands on yield derivatives extending to new chains in parallel.

The first pool creation event will include protocols like Aave, Sushi, Lido, StakeDAO, Yearn, Harvest, Paraswap, IDLE Finance, Visor, Impermax, Truefi, Paladin, Rari, Beefy.

(🍇, 🍷) In Action

The new futures pools will launch for a set period of time. Listing, renewal, and incentives will be subject to votes for all future pools. There will be no quorum requirement for the first round of votes.

  • Periods will initially be over 90 days
  • Every 30 days, there is a listing selection vote
  • In the final week(s) of the 90 day period, a renewal vote will open (i.e. pools already listed will need to reach quorum for the renewal of their listing.)

Selection Voting period

  • Projects/Communities submit their proposals in advance of voting
  • If the requirements for listing are met, they are announced and enter a 1 week-long selection vote among others
  • 1 veAPW = 1 vote
  • 1 APW in SushiSwap / Tokemak = “1 APW locked for a week”
  • The 5 most voted pools will be listed at the end of the 30 days

Renewal votes

At the end of each cycle, pools that are at the end of their duration will be submitted to a renewal vote. If the “yes” quorum isn’t met or if the “no” is decided with quorum met, the pool will be discontinued, else, the pool will be continued for another cycle.


For the first round, there will be incentives on all futures pools on Ethereum, but the continued incentivization of these pools will later be part of the ongoing voting processes.


Have questions? Ideas? Suggestions? Go to our Governance Forum and post! We are eager to have a lot more activity in the forum. Decentralization is a progressive undertaking and we anticipate tweaks will be made to the framework over time. We intend on introducing more instruments for voting to optimize the capital efficiency and token utility of APW.

Listing Guidelines

We will update our documentation regarding detailed listing requirements in the near future in order to maintain a secure, safe, and high-quality standard for listed assets.

We want to sincerely thank the community for their patience thus far and your participation in advance. Once voting is live, we would also like to invite everyone to play around with the testnet! Look out for details on our official channels.

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